Whats Our Story

The Concept

Chai Ke Sath is basically a community for people to express themselves through art and words. We believe art is about having a vision and utilizing unused items and turning them into something useful. Art is not just about paint, skills but also about being creative with daily household items. This encourages re-usablility and making something meaningful and beautiful for something that we would have abandoned. Plus, we get free items to decorate our house and save our environment because we are reusing items. If you like spending time expressing your inner-self through paints, pencil, pen or just creativity, or you need ideas for home decor, or just want to spend some time working on something creative, you are at the right place. We are inspired by Art and like to share inspiring art ideas for your home and what better way than to connect the artist with the people who are inspired by artwork. We love to share ideas, writings, thoughts, stories, and art. It is also a platform for the people who like to kindle their inner artists and writers in order to express their daily interaction with life and environment. So no matter where you come from if you have a story, we are here to listen, appreciate and share.

Chai Ke Sath Logo

"To express is to be alive."

“Let’s paint the world together with words and art.”

If you have an appetite to read, learn, appreciate art or express your artistic skills, Join the community, let the writer inside of you run wild. Share your story with me and I shall let the world know what you are upto.

Collaborate With Us

"The world is full of stories and we are all storytellers."

Everyone has experiences in life and we believe everyone has a budding artist inside of them. We just provide the platform to help you express yourself. So no matter what tune you are playing in this symphony of life, you can always choose to tune in with us. We are here to listen and let you be heard.

Whats Your Story?

Join The Community

  • Submit Your Work

    If you are into sketching, painting, digital art or any form of art or if you are into any form of writing, submit me your work and i shall publish it on the Website, Instagram and Facebook page accrediting you for your work.

  • Write For the Community

    If you are a very serious about your writing or art and love our concept, You can also choose to join the community as an Editor.

Share Your ART

If you are an artist, don't hesitate, i shall share your art with the world. 

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for your queries and i shall try to respond as quickly as possible.