English Poetry – They Blind Me

Blinded by my pride.
Reluctant to accept.
A bliss of ignorance,
borne out of conviction.

Thoughts to infinity,
my mind loses its mortality.
Full of love and rage,
I am archetype of confutation,
fury and desperation,
A hostile situation.

Not vulnerable to love truth,
My laugh is just a lie,
It camouflages my existence,
Someday I’ll die.

Fame or peace, I stick with my lust.
Deal with the devil,
decadence of entity,
a nightmare more alive.
You might think I m sick,
you might think I m psyche.

It pains when your wishes are something you can’t hire,
but it pains even more, to know not what you desire.

Rising frustration,
my soul’s demolition,
this desperation,
Ah! I need a drink.
Amigos, it’s time to party.

A shot for the fury,
a short for desperation,
a shot for nothing,
just internal satisfaction.

Thinking about life,
I come to an end.
These thoughts rot my brain,
another Tequila to keep my head from strain.

Slowly and slowly it enters my blood.
It blurs my senses,
reckoning my identity.
Fuck this world, to fuck with this shit.
I m a master of my heart and the master of my soul.
I just need a smoke to progress towards my goal

What do you do when the whole world turns against you?
Head my words and come to life.
I give you no hope,
slit your throat or cut your arm with a knife.

There is so much filth around,
you don’t need to suck that in.
Take a look around,
and through it in the bin.
I say not for the sake of saying,
just a subliminal thought,
poured out with a gin.
This is something,
that comes from deep within.

~Geet Dhillon

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Geet Dhillon

A teacher, web designer & developer by profession, I take up work as a freelancer and help people set up their business online. I am also a travel enthusiast who happens to express himself through writing and art. I believe this world is full of stories and we are all storytellers. I love to promote artists and writers. If you feel its worth a try, let the writer in you run wild. Submit your work to me and I shall let the world know what you are upto. Join me in my endeavor to paint the world with art & words.
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