Kuch Nagmein Dilse – Aadaab

Woh gunche bhi gulzaar khilein,
Tere nainon se jo shadaab huye.
Teri hansi labon pe aane se pehle,
Nazron se aadab kare.

~Geet Dhillon

Kuch Nagmein Dilse – Hindi Shayari

वो गुंचे भी गुलजार खिलें,
तेरे नैनों से जो शादाब हुए।
तेरी हंसी लबों पे आने से पहले,
नज़रों से आदाब करे।

~गीत ढिल्लों

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Geet Dhillon

A teacher, web designer & developer by profession, I take up work as a freelancer and help people set up their business online. I am also a travel enthusiast who happens to express himself through writing and art. I believe this world is full of stories and we are all storytellers. I love to promote artists and writers. If you feel its worth a try, let the writer in you run wild. Submit your work to me and I shall let the world know what you are upto. Join me in my endeavor to paint the world with art & words.
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