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Hey there, I am Ekata, An  IT professional working in Hyderabad. I  compare the importance of Sketching, Pastels Painting , Canvas Painting, Doodle art and Calligraphy with that of oxygen.I  started painting as a kid and soon found my soul in it. Dancing is another Art form that I consider as a stress buster and have been a part of multiple workshops in order to learn different Dance forms. After watching a few Korean dramas , Got inclined towards the  Korean Culture and it made me curious to explore K-Pop, K-Dance and Korean Language as well.
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Deepika Mehta

Hey Ekata,
You are very good Sketcher, painter and a dancer as well. very interesting , good job, keeping it up. and thanks for sharing such a good blog. Waiting for the next.. all the best 👍😘

Abigail Stevenson

Nice calligraphy work ! <3


Lovely 🙂🤩