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Creating art takes up a lot of effort in terms of time, vision. And all artists require in return is appreciation. What would be a world without art? Imagine no Art for your home decor, no creative ideas on how to decorate your walls. No visually appealing artwork on social media. All artists need is some support and appreciation, that won’t take much effort for us, not financially nor Emotionally.

I am an art enthusiast and I run this platform for free of costs for promoting the artists and writers. Running this platform takes up a lot of effort financially and an aspect of time. There are a lot of running and maintenance costs to be borne. Apart from that, there are many costs to promote the artwork by every artist. It would be really appreciable if you could help us out. So I can run this platform for promoting the artist.

If you find our work worth supporting. Please do donate and help us running this platform for free for the artists.

Even if you can’t donate you can help us out by appreciating and sharing the artwork. Thank You so much for spending your valuable time getting to know us.