Break Free

Break down the walls,
shatter the chains.
I want to be free,
like a man insane.
I don’t want to be restricted by barriers.
A man afraid to move out of his cave,
scared to go wild,
being tamed into a slave.

I remember the time when,
I used to be a child,
lived in the world of fantasies,
free were those days.
Life was so full of happiness,
no tension, no worries,
no problems I had to face.

Now life is getting miserable as I grow up.
I am no more than a horse numbered in a race.
Stuck in the pond of time,
living without any grace.

I am moving on further in my life, thinking;
someday this race would end.
Charioteer by wind, resting in peace,
In heaven, I would be sent.

Out of this physical world,
my soul would break free.
There would be no one,
no one to disturb me.

~Geet Dhillon

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Geet Dhillon

A teacher, web designer & developer by profession, I take up work as a freelancer and help people set up their business online. I am also a travel enthusiast who happens to express himself through writing and art. I believe this world is full of stories and we are all storytellers. I love to promote artists and writers. If you feel its worth a try, let the writer in you run wild. Submit your work to me and I shall let the world know what you are upto. Join me in my endeavor to paint the world with art & words.
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